Digital Marketing Jobs In Bangalore

24 Best Digital Marketing Jobs In Bangalore

SEO Jobs :

14. SEO Executive

Experience: 0 to 1 year

Education: Bachelors / MBA

Responsibilities of an SEO Executive:

  • Analyzing web SEO competition on-site as well as off-site.
  • Regular performance reports can be done using google analytics
  • High-quality SEO content.
  • Assisting with blog content.
  • Keyword research and optimization of content.
  • Staying current with the latest developments in SEM.

15. SEO Analyst

Experience: 1-year minimum

Education: Bachelors

Responsibilities of SEO Analyst:

  • Keyword research with dedicated software.
  • Analyzing social media pages and websites, and then making suggestions for improvement.
  • Website traffic monitoring, search results, and strategy development.
  • Creating content ideas and delegating them to the team.
  • Assisting in content creation and making suggestions.
  • Update outdated content.
  • Optimizing pages for tablet, desktop, and mobile.
  • Develop link-building strategies
  • Manage paid search campaigns
  • Keep up-to-date with the latest trends and best SEO practices.

16. SEO Specialist

Search Engine Optimization is one of the key activities to rank on the first page of any search engine as it drives more traffic to the website which in term helps in generating more leads and conversions. As an SEO specialist, it will be your responsibility to achieve this goal. This is one of the best digital marketing jobs in Bangalore.

Experience: 2 years

Education: Bachelors in Marketing

Responsibilities of SEO Specialist:

  • To maximize the ROI of paid search campaigns, you must conduct tests, analyze data, and identify trends.
  • Analyze, track, and report on website analytics, PPC campaigns, and PPC programs.
  • Budget, budget management, managing campaign expenses, managing monthly costs, and reconciling discrepancies.
  • Search engine marketing requires optimization of copy and landing pages.
  • Continually search for keywords, expand them, and optimize.
  • Search engine optimization tips can be researched and implemented.
  • Analyze and research competitor advertising links.
  • Create and implement a link-building strategy.
  • Assist the development team in ensuring that SEO best practices are correctly implemented on newly developed code.
  • To drive SEO in content creation, and content programming, work with marketing and editorial teams.
  • Recommendations to make changes to website architecture, content, linking, or other factors in order to improve search engine optimization for targeted keywords.

17. SEO Manager

Experience: 3 to 5 year

Responsibilities of SEO Manager:

  • Website, social media, and content optimization.
  • Manage website content.
  • Building and maintaining an online community.
  • Negotiating backlinks.
  • SEO strategy.
  • Planning and organization of campaigns.
  • Website monitoring and user analysis.
  • General digital marketing project management.
  • Keyword research.
  • Market analysis.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Jobs :

18. Paid Media Analyst

Experience: more than 1 year

Education: Bachelors / MBA

Responsibilities of a Paid Media Analyst:

  • Assist in the development of Paid Media’s reporting processes for all clients. This includes educating and leading the team on how data can be used to tell a story.
  • Clients can receive monthly or weekly reporting and analysis that gives a complete view of each channel’s performance and identifies the root causes of any trends.
  • Based on performance data, provide optimization recommendations and other actionable insight to Paid Search, Paid Social, and Display team leaders.
  • As the Paid Media team’s lead resource for reporting and data analysis tools, including Adobe Analytics, Tableau, and Google Data Studio, you will be responsible for providing support.
  • Collaborate with clients to create reporting dashboards that show the impact of Paid Media on their business KPIs.
  • Standardize the Paid Media department’s testing approach through brief development, implementation, as well as coordination, and coordination with other departments such as UXO and Intel.
  • Regular team meetings are used to identify and communicate test opportunities.
  • To encourage continuous testing within Paid Media, brainstorm and offer client-specific suggestions to other Paid Media team members.
  • Communicate results from testing and show impact across departments such as Paid Media, Intel, UXO, SEO, etc.
  • Provide budget recommendations and performance projections for Paid Media clients at different levels of data including account, market and campaign, channel, and product line.
  • Assist with landing page tracking and troubleshooting.
  • Keep up-to-date with the latest trends in industry and tools, and take part in cross-departmental knowledge sharing

19. PPC Specialist

Becoming a PPC Specialist takes a lot of experience. As a PPC specialist, one should be skilled in analyzing data, understanding audience behavior, planning, and creating a great ad campaign that achieves the goal. PPC specialist is one of the digital marketing jobs in Bangalore that you can apply for.

Experience: 2 to 5 years

Education: Bachelors

Responsibilities of a PPC Specialist:

  • Take part in the formation of effective paid search strategies.
  • Different PPC campaigns can be launched and optimized.
  • Oversee accounts on search engines like Google AdWords and Bing.
  • Participate in audience targeting and keyword selection.
  • To improve your ROI, monitor the budget and adjust bids.
  • To assess performance and identify issues, track KPIs.
  • Reports for the management.
  • Adverts should be written with concise and attractive copy.
  • Create and suggest new campaigns for multiple channels.
  • Establish partnerships with PPC ad platform vendors and platforms.
  • Stay on top of SEM and PPC trends.

20. PPC Manager

When it comes to advertising it is the responsibility of a PPC Manager to plan and execute the ads in such a manner that the ad achieves the specific goal of the organization. This job role is a challenging one as it requires you to coordinate with other related departments within the organization. These digital marketing jobs in Bangalore absolutely require experience.

Experience: Minimum of 3 years

Responsibilities of a PPC Manager:

  • Responsible for the planning and execution of daily account management responsibilities related to Google Ads, Bing, and other search platforms.
  • Examine competition strategies, strengths, and opportunities.
  • As per your business goals and target audience, suggest large keyword lists.
  • Monitor and review keyword bidding and clicks.
  • To grab the buyer’s attention, create catchy creative, and graphic ad designs.
  • As per the client’s requirements, provide suggestions and implement the best strategies for the most relevant keywords, and campaign structuring.
  • Create and analyze weekly or monthly reports to identify improvement areas.
  • Stay on top of the latest developments and trends in the search engine industry.
  • Train and manage the team to achieve client goals.

Content Writer Jobs :

21. Content Writer

Content writing is one of the highest-paid skills. This is not an easy peasy job to do as it consumes a lot of time in research and making the content engaging, as well as SEO friendly. This is absolutely one of the best digital marketing jobs in Bangalore.

Experience: 0 to 1 year

Education: Bachelors

Responsibilities of a Content Writer:

  • Publishing well-researched content online and in print is possible.
  • To complete content drafts or completed projects by deadlines, organize writing schedules.
  • To inspire ideas and content, you can use industry best practices and your familiarity with the organization’s mission.
  • Communicate with and collaborate with a writing group, which includes a content manager, editors, and web publishers.
  • To ensure timely delivery, follow an editorial calendar and collaborate with other members of your content production team.
  • Create related content for multiple platforms such as blogs, email marketing, and product descriptions.
  • To make suggestions for improvement, monitor, and analyze key performance indicators (KPIs).
  • To maximize your website’s visibility in search engines, you can use search engine optimization (SEO), strategies are written to increase the site’s online visibility.

22. Content Specialist

Experience: 1 to 2 years

Education: Bachelors

Responsibilities of a Content Specialist:

  • To brainstorm and establish content goals, meet with marketing, design, and creative teams.
  • To ensure content is appealing and relevant, we need to research consumer trends and content.
  • Develop content strategies that reach the targeted audience and achieve your marketing goals.
  • You can create content for blogs, websites, or social media.
  • Before publishing, proofread and edit content.
  • Ensure that SEO and SMO strategies get implemented effectively.
  • Manage content calendars and ensure consistency across platforms.
  • Coordination with marketing, design, and writing teams to ensure the timely delivery of assignments.
  • Analyzing consumer content and creating reports and presentations.
  • Staying current with technology advancements, consumer preferences, and content trends.

23. Content Strategist

Experience: 3 to 5 years

Education: Bachelors

Responsibilities of a Content Strategist:

  • To gain a deep understanding of each customer, conduct extensive research.
  • Conducting extensive research and analysis of consumer trends and thoughts.
  • Create specifications and content that are relevant to the brand’s customer personas.
  • Strategizing content pillars, and sub-pillars.
  • Plan the editorial calendar and content proposal.
  • Collaboration with writers, content management, and creative teams to execute the strategy.
  • Responsible for the writing style and tone of all content.
  • Establishing content governance guidelines to guide tone, voice, and style of content.
  • Develop an editorial strategy to ensure consistency across all platforms.
  • Periodic content audits.
  • Tracking and calculating the content ROI.
  • Ensure that your content strategy is in line with your business goals.
  • Strategizing and improving content promotion.
  • Analyzing content marketing strategies to determine if they are working.

24. Content Manager

One of the high-paid digital marketing jobs in Bangalore or anywhere else in this field is a Content Manager because people get attracted to the content. As a Content Manager, it is your responsibility to come up with highly engaging content and get the work done by your subordinates. This job role requires you to be creative and innovative in generating viral content.

Experience: Minimum 3 years

Education: Bachelors

Responsibilities of a Content Manager:

  • Create a content strategy that aligns with both short-term and longer-term marketing goals.
  • Work with the marketing and design teams to develop and plan site content, style, and layout.
  • Engaging content can be created and published.
  • Writers’ posts can be edited, proofread, and improved.
  • To ensure consistency across brands, you should work with content writers.
  • SEO-friendly content optimization.
  • To analyze website traffic and user engagement metrics, use content management systems.
  • To increase web traffic, manage content distribution via online channels and social media platforms.
  • Create an editorial calendar. Make sure the content team is included.
  • Respect the law regarding copyright and data protection.
  • Keep up to date with the latest developments and come up with new ideas that will draw attention.


The above list of digital marketing jobs in Bangalore is available on job portals such as Naukri, Glassdoor, Indeed, and LinkedIn. The job description for the above job roles is a minimum requirement and may vary from one company to another.

Please leave a comment if the list has helped you. All the best for your career.

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